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How to Convert JPG to PDF in Under two Minutes

AltoPDF team

Jan 20 2020 / 10 min read

These days, a trustworthy and easy-to-use JPG to PDF converter is hard to find.

There are many of us out there who don’t have the time - or even the desire - to complete a dragged-out registration process to use services like these. We would also prefer not to give out our personal information, especially if it means getting our email accounts bombarded with spam on a daily basis.

Another drawback to many of these services is having to install/download some sort of program you know little or nothing about. Even if the download is free, it’s usually the “lite” version of the real software - which usually prevents you from using all the features of the program unless you pay the asked-for price.

When browsing for a good online converter, your best option is to choose cloud-based software that’s available from any internet-connected device without any registration fees or trial periods.

The following instructions will help anyone wanting to convert JPG files into Portable Document Format (PDF) documents - and it takes only a couple of minutes:

1 Visit the website

To convert your images to PDF format (without losing any of its quality) you should first visit the website. All you have to do is insert into your address bar or simply type in Alto PDF to JPG into the search field of whatever browser you are using (Google, Bing, etc.).

You will then be directed to the website which contains a simple and user-friendly interface without any obnoxious advertisements or unneeded tools.

The page should look something like this:

2 Upload Your File to the Platform

To convert the JPG image, you will need to upload it to the AltoConvertJPGtoPDF web service platform.

There are several ways you can do this:

  1. Drag and drop the file to the upload box;
  2. Browse for a file in the internal storage of your mobile device or computer;
  3. Import the image from your cloud-based storage by clicking on the image.

Once the picture is uploaded to the platform, it’s ready to be transformed into a PDF.

3 Convert your JPG Image into a PDF Document

Your next step is to click on the “Convert now” button and in less than two minutes you will get the new file. The Image quality will not be damaged and you will be able to easily share the new file or add the picture to other PDF documents.

4 Save the Final File

Lastly, you need to complete the final and the most important step - saving the file.

Just like the import function, the saving option also lets you save the document both to your device and the cloud. Make sure you do this right after the conversion process because the system removes every document automatically once you reload the page or start a new operation (in order to protect your anonymity/privacy).